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what you need to know to register a company in singapore

OletaHindin22 (12.17.2012) 8 Views    
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Singapore is a business center as it provides a great deal of opportunities for investors. Local and foreign businessmen are captivated by the financial stability of Singapore. It is one of the most popular business centers in Asia and this is one of the evident reasons why a great deal of people wish to set up a Singapore company. Do you wish to learn more about starting up a business in Singapore.

The most important thing to set up a start a singapore company is to collect the local data. Once you have gathered the data, the next reasonable step is to become acquainted with the Singapore Companies act, which is also shortened as SCA. Singapore based businesses are primarily controlled by this act meaning they should adhere to all the regulations that this act enforces.

As per the law you require a minimum of one shareholder, one director and one business secretary before you set up your Know more about start a singapore company. The director selected for the business must be a bona fide citizen of Singapore. The Law also demands the prospect for director to be of legal age, which is eighteen yrs. old and above.

The Singaporean government only permits a company to have fifty shareholders, which can be a group of individuals or a corporate organization. The secretary for the business should also be a Singapore resident and must be designated within 6 months prior to the company's incorporation. In order to register a Singapore company, it is also important to have a registered office.

Clearly the procedure for company formation and registration in Singapore is a very tedious work and asking for help from a professional business firm can make business formation much easier. A reliable service provider that helps you form your business in Singapore will assist you with the incorporation process.

Given that business incorporation requires filing of legal papers you will need to handle a great deal of legal intricacies, not to mention with the tension of waiting for approval and clearance. Nevertheless, by employing a company that is an expert in business development and incorporation you will not need to bother about things like these. Things like locating the best office location, filling up forms, getting legal documents and improving your infrastructure will all be dealt with by a business incorporation firm.

If you are a business or an entrepreneur who wishes to establish your presence in Singapore you can hire these providers. They will assist you in registering a Singapore company for a reasonable price and you wouldn't have to deal with all the difficulties of business formation and registration.

A few of these service providers also provide other services such as tax computations, so you can hand over other responsibilities regarding your business to them. Because of the Internet, today it is not hard to find an affordable and dependable company incorporation agency that can assist you with Singapore business registration.


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