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tobacco fermentation, methods and results

karma (06.26.2012) 22 Views    
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After drying, tobacco is intended for the cigars and cigarette blend production, before make cigars tobacco is exposed to a double fermentation – this is the main mystery in which he takes its unique properties that distinguish it fundamentally from cigarette tobacco. Fermentation is a chemical reaction in which under the influence of humidity and temperature, organic substances are converted into inorganic forming new connections.
The first fermentation – the same process for all tobacco leaves (for cigarette blends and for cigars), regardless of their type and purpose. Tobacco leaves are stacked in piles called pylons. The height of a stack varies from half a meter to a meter, and the total number of leaves in it can reach a thousand. Piled tobacco for one month is stored in a dark enclosed spaces.
Natural fermentation is due to the moisture in tightly packed tobacco leaves, but the darkness and the heat only accelerate and strengthen this process. During the fermentation of the leaves is reduced amount of tar and nicotine, but are formed new flavors and aromatics. Fermentation softens the flavor of tobacco leaves, enhances their flavor.
In addition, it changes their color – a golden to dark brown. How longer is fermentation as darker is the color of the leaves. After the first fermentation, tobacco leaves are sorted and classified. At the same time in the production of handmade cigars are twisted only highest quality leaves, corresponding to a number of specific parameters. Tobacco that failed last selection is sent to the manufacture of machine twist cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes.
The remaining leaves are classified according to a number of parameters and sent for further procedures. Tobacco is designed to cover cigars – straight to the exposure; tobacco for filling and a bunch – for the second fermentation. The second fermentation is designed to enrich the bouquet of new colors and eventually balance the flavor and aroma of the leaves. Depending on upper, middle or bottom bush leaves were removed, the second fermentation takes between 45 to 90 days.
Rich variety of substances, oils and compounds of the leaves are fermented ligero longer and less robust leaves volado – faster. Processed tobacco leaves are re-sorted by color, strength and range of aromatic and sent to the restraint, which, depending on the willingness of the manufacturer, can last from six months to several years.
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